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See The Difference: Compare any images or documents instantly powered by AI.


MIIDEL is an easy to use AI-powered image & document comparison software that is trusted by over 400 companies.

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Compare images & documents

MIIDEL will point out differences and changes in any image, photos or documents instantly. The color differentiation makes it easy to see the changes.

See the difference in seconds

With a power AI algorithm and small footprint, MIIDEL compares files, images, photos and documents within seconds.

Compare multiple files at once

MIIDEL can compare many pages at once. Compare 10's or 100's of pages at the same time, saving you time and hassle .

Compare historical files

MIIDEL can compare old and historical data, photos, images, and documents. It's powerful and intelligent AI algorithm makes it possible!




No it does not. MIIDEL can be used offline. However, your PC does need to be online to receive updates and maintenance for MIIDEL.
No, MIIDEL is designed to be easy to use for everyone. No special training or long documents to read. MIIDEL has an intuitive user interface with easy to use instructions.
Currently, we support:
- English
- Chinese (Traditional)
- Japanese

We're constantly working on other languages and let us know which languages you need support for.
Currently, MIIDEL can only be installed on Windows PC. We recommend to use the latest Windows OS but it can be run on:
- Windows 7, 8 or 10 for both Professional and Home versions
- Bigger the RAM the better, anything over 4GB is recommended
- Storage: over 20GB

MIIDEL does not support:
- No mobile devices such as IOS or Android
- No Linux or Chromebook

We're constantly working and developing to increase our OS support, please check back often for our future releases.
MIIDEL can compare any type of images, data, and text as long as its in PDF format. You'll need to convert your data to PDF. Once it's in PDF format, MIIDEL can compare anything.
MIIDEL can compare hundreds or even thousands of pages at the same time.
Yes, it can! MIIDEL will automatically detect images/data that is not straight and will fix it on the fly. MIIDEL built-in correction system will help to straighten it and make it easy for you to see the difference.
MIIDEL can and is used in many applications and industries. Any time you need to compare one image/file or data against another, MIIDEL will be your best bet.

MIIDEL has been used in:
- construction industry
- car manufacuting
- home/architectural firms
- high tech electronics manufacturing and PCB designs

Anywhere you have layout or diagram version control or need to compare before and after comparison, using MIIIDEL is the way to go!

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